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Wellness Center
Previously named as Sai Krupa clinic since 2002, into general physician at a basic level. Sai Wellness Center thought of helping people with different kinds of health services like gynecology, Obstetrics, Ent specialization, dermatology, Dental problems, Nutrition and Dietetics, obesity management, Skin Cosmetology, hair trichology, ayurvedic panchakarma treatment that will help people mentally as well as economically.

Our Mission

A Team Doctors Collaboratively working To help people with premium quality of health services, guide them properly in their health problems

Our Vision

We will provide people with a very unbelievable experience and be their trusted partners in their daily life health issues.

Our Team

Dr Priyashree Mukherjee


Dr Yogesh Maske

General Physician

Dr Harsha Maske

Consultant Ayurveda

Our Services

Our Medical Experts are those heroes that will help you to stay healthy


Being blessed as women, we face many health issues. Keeping in mind those problems Sai Wellness helps to diagnose the problem and give the proper treatment to make your life healthy and stress-free. Dr. Prajakta Katdare-Saraf is one of gynecologist


Nothing is more important than a child with several or even one health issues. A child is a child he/she cannot be enough wild to face the issues alone. being a parent of the child it is your responsibility to take the child to the specialist nearby. Dr. Priyashree Mukherjee is one of the pediatric specialists that will treat your child


The issue related to the teeth cannot be avoided. Complete and proper guidance is necessary for getting relieved from the issue. The surgical and medical treatment is available at our center by Dr Kavita K Bhandare, who has tremendous experience in ear, nose, and throat surgeries. Its our patient's trust that make her specialized in her treatments


Are your facing problems such as for overweight or obesity that makes you bare the peer pressure and become a victim of body shaming, don't worry, our expert Dr. Harsha Maske will help you to reduce your excess body fat without affecting body strength, stamina, energy levels. Proper guidance on customized nutrition and diet part will be taken care by her effectively.

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